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Landon Polk Neustadt
Myngreat grand father Isaac Hillard Polk was born and raised at Rsttle and Snap. Hope to visit/see it some day
3 August 2012 - Santa Barbara Ca

Donald Drye
We stayed at the Carriage House for two evenings. The experience was absolutely wonderful in every respect. The Kaslow's were the most gracious and informative hosts. The mansion and its furninshings are simply breathtaking and credit must be given to the Kaslow's for their labor of love in making this such a unique and beautiful place. Thank yo uso much for sharing your home with us!
8 April 2012

Pam Downs
My daughters and I toured Rattle and Snap on January 21 and had a lovely time. Bobbie was a gracious and informative tour guide. We hope to return when the second floor is available for tours.
23 January 2012 - Marietta, GA

Heather Risley
I grew up across the street @ Hamilton Place. I knew Amon Carter Evan's (he owned the property in the 70's)granddaughter. We used to ride our ponies out to the airstrip and wait for him to return "from town" .Nashville where he owned/ran a local newspaper. Loved the virtual tour!
3 January 2012

Mike S, St. Louis, MO
VERY Disappointed - according to the website - the Plantation is open for tours. We were told (by our tour guide at Carnton Plantation) to go there for a great historical tour and a beautiful home. We altered our plans to make sure we included this the next day. We drove almost 2 hours only to find out that no one answered the phone. When we left, I stopped in the gas station down the street and a customer inside told me that the Plantation is hardly ever open. HOW DISAPPOINTING! My wife and I love history and it was upsetting that we were not able to tour this majestic plantation.
11 November 2011 - St. Louis, MO

Melody A. Coe
In completing family history research we found the website informative, the photos were wonderful and I love the paintings that flank the photo of the home.
My brother in law's grandmother was Sally Hillard Polk, daughter of Isaac H Polk and he new his grandmother well. She co- authored a book about her family pedigree line which includes her Grandfather George W Polk and her grandmother whom she was named after Sally Leah Hilliard Polk, and her mother's line thru Ismaela Mary LanFranco of the Sepulveda Family of Los Angeles.
I was grateful for the comments in the Guestbook as to appointments, groups and return calls as we were planning a trip to visit from California.
It is majestic and magnificent architecture for the time. Thanks for the web site.
10 November 2011 - Santa Barbara, CA

Linda Boardman
Very disappointed when I brought my cousin from Houston Texas to see Rattle & Snap. The only way we learned tours were by appointment only was by the sign posted in the driveway. Your web site does not mention this. Wasted trip and gas. Left a message as the sign suggests and still have not received a call back.
21 August 2011 - Houston, Texas

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