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Ronald Newton
From your webpage I did not understand that all tours are group tours. We drove down there thinking that we could make the tour, but found out that you must make reservations about a week in advance. A long trip for nothing but a hope we can make the tour later in the year. Web page could be more clear.
4 August 2011 - USA

Would love to have some information on weddings at Rattle and Snap. Thinking next fall. Is it possible to get some idea of the cost of a wedding at your beautiful home?
4 August 2011 - Tennessee

Becky Leifheit
Hello - I was wondering if people are able to have weddings at Rattle and Snap. My daughter is looking for a venue for a very small and simple wedding 20-25 people. Thank you for your response!
14 June 2011

I would like to tour the house soon but have not been able to reach anyone by phone or email.
27 April 2011 - TN

Ann Olson
Kate Sproul mentioned in her message that she was transcribing some of Sally Polk's letters. As a descendant of Sally, I was wondering if Kate would share her work?
14 April 2011 - Ritzville, Washington

Steve Grubbs
I am glad to see that you are now open for tours and weddings. As a boy growing up I spent all of my summers in Columbia, Tn. with both sets of my grandparents and have driven by the plantation hundreds of times and I always wanted to see it. I will make plans to come there this summer and vist. It is a beautiful place
12 April 2011 - Richmond, Mo.

Betty Callis
I hope to see your beautiful home this spring. I will explore your site to see if and when it is open. I belong to the DAR and UDC . I think a few ladies might want to accompany me. Thank you.
28 February 2011 - Hendersonville, Tn 37075

Esther Lee Davenport
Happy you have this web site, links to the Tennessee Crossroads, and the Guest House! I've been sending to interested family and hope to visit soon.
24 February 2011 - TN

Jordan Hudson
Do you allow events such as weddings?
27 January 2011

Rosa Lynn Akins
I grew up in Mt. Pleasant and drove by this beautiful home a dozen or more times a week. Still find it to be stunning! Would love to have a weddding here. Love the history of it too! A game of rattle and snap? Funny!
30 September 2010 - Memphis Tn

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