Master Woodcrafter Makes Donation To Rattle And Snap

Mr. Rogers Places The Acorn He Carved On The Entrance Into The Garden.
The acorn is the symbol of the Polk family. Mr. Rogers , master woodworker, carved finial's to be placed on the antique fence surrounding the Rattle And Snap Victorian Gardens. Mr. Rogers donated his time as well as the acorns to the mansion. Thank you, Mr. Rogers !!
The Nashville Corvette Club Visit Rattle And Snap

The Nashville Corvette Club Rolled In For A Visit To Rattle And Snap.
The Maury County Newcomers Club Visit Rattle And Snap

The time worn majestic columns you see in this photo are currently undergoing a makeover.
Weathered Shutters Being Replaced At Rattle And Snap
Winter Time At Rattle And Snap